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Binding has been in existence since the time the first books were written. But as other crafts.. Through time binding has also seen its share of changes and progress. Having said that, it’s nothing but obvious that binding stands at its peak of progress currently. And here in Dubai, Mr.Copy is a portray of state of the art binding methodology.

Mr.Copy does not just bind but uses the most sophisticated machines and techniques available in the domain of binding in Dubai to finish the job ensuring that your valuable projects or books or manuals lasts for a life time.Infact, Mr.Copy has become the new face of binding in Dubai providing an array of services in binding. Starting from wire binding they have 6 different types of binding as below:

  • Wire binding
  • Strip Binding
  • Spiral Binding
  • Spinbar Binding
  • Coil Binding
  • Perfect Binding

You name it, we have it. Providing top notch services in Binding, our customers range from children to college going students to Corporates and MNCs who require thier Courseware, Data Sheets, Employee Handbooks, Proposals,Report, Marketing Collateral, PowerPoint Presentations, Trade Show Materials, Training Manuals User Guides, Retail Visual Merchandising Guides, projects, document, manuals, training guides saved and ready for continoues and relentless use.

In Our Printing shop we can soft, comb and wiro bind while you wait. Either bring your document in or print your work in shop and choose your binding option. Mr.Copy’s binding service in Dubai clubs hi end technical services with professionalism and still provides reasonable rates for these services.

All the print services you need at a price that's right for you. We cater for all students, from printing dissertations and eye-catching project books to helping students realise their designs with state of the art printersthat will print onto almost any material.We offer greatly discounted rates for Thesis Printing and Binding for students in UAE. We cater to individual and bulk services as well.

We print Booklets, Guides, Handouts, Manuals, Presentations, Reports, RFP Responses and Newsletters. We will be more than happy to introduce and assist you with the binding service we provide in Dubai. Present your dissertation and presentions in a beautiful bound hard back book.

Come and discuss your requirements and our current offers. We can be contacted at 04 3374377 or email

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