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Why does the file upload not work ?

Maybe your file does not meet the minimum requirements or the server is disrupted. Please try to upload the file later; if it still does not work pls contact your support.

Where is my order ?

Click on the div my account, chose order tracking and you will be advised of the current status of your order and the expected shipment date.

How can I delete my account ?

To delete your account please go to the contact div and choose "Delete account" from the dropdown.

How can I customize templates ?

In the group canvas you have the option to view a short demonstration video on customization or alternatively you can download and save this video to your left under downloads.

How can I view my previous designs / orders ?

In the div my account you can view all previous designs you saved as well as a list of previous orders. You can easily reuse and modify the designs or replace your orders with same or altered quantities.

How can I contact customer service ?

Pls refer to the div contact in order to find the contact details for the customer service.

How can I change my order ?

Once you have submitted your order you will not be able to cancel it online. Pls immediately contact support for assistance for them to accept cancellation.

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